AngularJS ui-select


Tagging allows the creation of new items not present in the item list

Simple String Tags (With Custom Tag Label & Sort Enabled)

{{$item}} {{color}}

Selected: {{ctrl.multipleDemo.colors}}

Simple String Tags (Predictive Search Model & No Labels)

{{$item}} {{color}}

Selected: {{ctrl.multipleDemo.colors2}}

Object Tags (with grouping)

{{$}} <{{$}}>
email: {{}} age:


selectedPeople = {{ctrl.multipleDemo.selectedPeople | json}}

Object Tags with Tokenization (" ", /, ,)

Note that the Space character can't be used literally, use the keyword SPACE - tagging-tokens="SPACE|,|/" {{$}} <{{$}}>
email: {{}} age:


selectedPeople2 = {{ctrl.multipleDemo.selectedPeople2 | json}}

Tagging in Single Select mode

(NOT WORKING) {{$}} <{{$}}>
email: {{}} age:


ctrl.person.selected = {{ctrl.person.selected | json }}

Tagging in Single select mode, with simple strings

(NOT WORKING) {{$select.selected}}

Selected: {{ctrl.singleDemo.color}}